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Do you engage? Say hello to our new Audience Insights

Martijn from Revue
Martijn from Revue
Hey there – I hope you’re doing outstanding!
I wanted to check in with you because we just launched a new analytics product today that I wanted you to see: Insights is a collection of dashboards to help you grow your audience and engage it more effectively.
This following dashboard is my favorite – and also the favorite of each and every one of you who helped us test these new dashboards:
There’s more, of course. Our new dashboards give you publisher-perfected insights on how you grow your audience, how your newsletters perform, and which of your newsletters acquire the most new readers.
We believe that more simple and intuitively understandable insights are a key to a successful email strategy. I’ve written a few words about this here.
I’d love to know what you think! And thanks so much for everyone who used the test version and helped us improve a few critical things – we love to build together with you.
All the best from Amsterdam 👋
PS: Have you seen these tiny, but useful improvements?
I wanna make sure you don’t miss small improvements that we are rolling out on a continuous basis. Here are a few things that we rolled out since I last sent you an email:
  • 🐦 No more auto-tweeting: Casey over at The Verge was instrumental in nudging us to make this better: In the past, when you sent a newsletter, we created an auto tweet if an account was connected. You had to uncheck that box every time. No longer! We’ll always remember your last choice now. Thanks, Casey!
  • 🔎 More tracking options: If you work with Google Analytics, you can now set more tracking parameters in each newsletter’s settings. Go to Account Settings, Settings then you’ll see that you can set not only utm_campaign, but also utm_source and utm_content.
  • ❗️We now show you a heads-up while scheduling your email if you didn’t change the subject line from the default one, to make sure that’s what you intended.
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Martijn from Revue
Martijn from Revue @revue

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